1. Note that certain products require assembly and installation.
  2. You may be required to remove and/or replace existing components on your vehicle.
  3. Your vehicle’s warranty may be voided or partially negatively impacted by the addition and/or removal of factory-fitted and/or after-market components.
  4. If executed incorrectly, you may damage your vehicle.
  5. The assembly and installation guide must be strictly adhered to with careful attention to be paid to all instructions.
  6. The instructions must be followed sequentially.
  7. Certain tools, whether powered or manual, may have to be used during installation.  Be sure that you have all necessary/indicated tools available before beginning installation.
  8. Only use tools in a safe manner and/or as instructed by the tool manufacturer.
  9. If your vehicle has been modified and/or fitted with different components and/or after-market additions, your installation may differ to the procedure described in this guide.
  10. You, the customer and/or end-user, acknowledge and accept that –
    • bodily harm or injury may be suffered during and/or due to the installation process, whether as a result of accident, negligence or otherwise; and
    • assembly and/or installation of the product may damage your vehicle and/or negatively impact your vehicle’s warranty; and
    • the driver and/or passengers in the modified vehicle may suffer bodily harm or injury as a result of use, misuse, impact/product proximity of the product in the vehicle cabin, whether as a result of accident, negligence or otherwise; and, accordingly, indemnify and hold harmless IVXIV Bushindaba (Pty) Ltd from any and all damages that may be suffered (1) whether as a result of financial damages and/or bodily harm arising out of and/or due to the installation of the products, (2) use of the products, (3) to the products themselves and/or the vehicle and/or any part/s thereof during the assembly and/or installation process and whether in respect of any driver of and/or passengers in the vehicle.

The Modular Console Range has been examined for quality control purposes.

Maximum distributed loading weight 6.5kg (six and a half kilograms)
Maximum external temperature tolerance 70°C

Please ensure that all items stowed in this product are secured and/or not harmful to driver and/or passengers during an accident, impact or the like and/or during any use where such items may roll and/or fall from the product.

Incorrect use of these products and/or use beyond intended or reasonable purpose may void your warranty in respect of this product.

Proceeding with installation is deemed to be an acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms and conditions of this disclaimer and waiver.